Taser video – Royal Canadian Mounted Police kill Polish immigrant

Robert Dziekanski killed by RCMP

A Polish man, Robert Dziekanski, unable to find his mother for several hours, and unable to communicate with anyone in Vancouver International Airport, becomes distressed.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrive to investigate the disturbance, and approach the man. Everyone is calm, the man throws his arms up in a gesture for surrender, and takes some steps backwards, apparently disgruntled. Whereupon the RCMP taser him. The man falls to the ground, screaming, and four officers jump on him and kill him (video).

Enough. This has to stop. Tasers are being used far too often, as a tool to restrain or subdue people. It is currently far too easy for police to use tasers when there is no clear need to do so.

It is preferable for a policer officer to use a taser than a gun in a situation where there is no other choice. It is NOT acceptable for a police officer to use a taser for convenience, and particularly not against an unprotesting man.

The linked video appears to show nothing other than a cold blooded murder. There was no question of provocation here, no question of reasonable force.