Why vote Australian Democrats in the Senate?

Choose Common Sense poster

There's one week to go before the election. I just want to make two points:

We need an independent Senate.

It is pure arrogance for a government, any government, to believe it has all the answers and everything right the first time. We need a Senate which is able to review legislation and come to common sense decisions.

A working democracy needs real debate, not simple votes along party lines.

We need the balance of power in the Senate to be held by people we can trust.

Andrew Bartlett has worked tirelessly for the last ten years to bring a voice of reason to the Senate. The Democrats have consistently been involved in the Senate Committees, where the real day-to-day work gets done. By comparison, the Democrats senators have been active permanent members of 21 different Committees, while the Greens have been active permanent members of only 2.

We need an independent voice in the Senate, but we do not need a hostile Senate. Andrew Bartlett has demonstrated over ten years a commitment to the legislative process and true democracy. He has been prepared to reach sensible compromises to make better laws, rather than simply blocking or not participating in the deliberative process.

The vote next week is much closer than the news would have you believe, and Queenslanders can't afford to lose Senator Bartlett's voice of reason in the upper house. Whichever way you vote in the lower house, please vote to re-elect Senator Andrew Bartlett.