kid tasered for asking too many wacky questions

human rights So this kid goes to a forum with John Kerry and asks why Kerry conceded the election so quickly. He then asks a bit more of a wacky question about whether Kerry was a member of Skull and Bones. He is forcibly removed from the microphone and escorted to the back of the[…]

Australia votes against universal declaration of rights of indigenous peoples

human rights Last week, the UN voted 143-4 in favour of a declaration of rights of indigenous peoples. Voting against were Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the US. This comes hot on the heels of the Howard Government pushing through controversial legislation which removes significant autonomy from indigenous communities and overrides the Racial Discrimination Act.[…]

Ruddock: Bill of rights do not protect freedoms

politics In a recent vitriolic editorial, Philip Ruddock tells us that “Bills of rights do not protect freedoms”. Regardless of whether we think an articulated Bill of Rights would be desirable, this piece is an overt attack on the independence and ability of our judiciary. Ruddock argues that: Bills of rights do not protect essential[…]

Microsoft’s new machinima licence

games, copyright Here is a new machinima licence from Microsoft, who are gearing up for the release of Halo 3. Important points: Attribution is required This licence is revocable “at any time and for any reason.” Can't do things “that the games don't normally permit” (no modding in order to get better cameras or shots).[…]

the new face of plastic surgery – "improving workplace efficiency"

high tech capital, UI edit: it's a hoax, I have been trolled… Man undergoes surgery to whittle down his thumbs in order to help him better use Apple's iPhone, whose UI was too small for him. I'm really concerned by this quote: “This is really, on the edge sort of stuff,” explains Dr. Robert Fox[…]

User sues IGE for gold farming – tortious interference with contract

games And the lawsuits keep flying. This one is a class action suit started by a user called Antonio Hernandez, who's suing IGE for gold farming in World of Warcraft. Read the complaint – even if just for the first couple of pages. Hernandez alleges that IGE is interfering with the the enjoyment of contracts[…]

ACIPA Conference – what AGD is up to these days

copyright I was at the ACIPA conference at Minter Ellison on 17 February 2007. Philip Ruddock and Helen Daniels explained what the Attorney-General's Department was going to be up to in 2007, now that the copyright amendments have gone through. Some of the projectsthey listed: The creation of preservation copying guidelines The conclusion of the[…]

Videogames, Virtual Environments and the Law – slides

anti-circumvention, copyright, games The seminar went very well last week. Below you can find the slidesets from the presentations. Bjorn Bednarek, Games Classification (8MB PPT) Nic Suzor, Virtual Liberties, (2MB PPT or 2MB ODP) Presentations available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 (Australia).

Seminar – Brisbane, 15 February 2007 – Videogames, Virtual Environments and the Law

I'll be hosting a two hour seminar this week at QUT. The topic is Videogames, Virtual Environments and the Law. Anyone interested in the intersection of games and law should definitely come down and have a talk with us. We'll be covering content classification, competition law, cheating, and virtual liberties. RSVP by Tuesday. Presenters: Bjorn[…]

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Confirmation Seminar – Governance in Virtual Environments

games My PhD confirmation seminar is up this Wednesday 07 March 2007. Professors Brian Fitzgerald (QUT Law), Greg Hearne (QUT Creative Industries), and Terry Fisher (Harvard Law) will be on the panel; it should be a good two hours of discussion on virtual worlds and regulation. Anyone interested is welcome to attend. Date: Wednesday 7[…]