Computer Games, Law, Regulation and Policy Symposium, 14-15 February 2008

Fred Von Lohmann at ETech 2007

Photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid.

This is going to be a really interesting event, and we hope to have some very robust discussion. Fred von Lohmann from the EFF is keynote speaker on the first day and will be looking at machinima and issues relating to copyright, trademark and contracts. He'll also be participating in panel sessions on player participation in design and community management. Terry Cutler is the other keynote speaker and he'll be talking on the relations between government and industry.

There will be panel sessions on everything from regulation through design and code, through co-creation scenarios where players and developers negotiate the tricky territory between professionals and amateurs, to classification and regulation through government bodies. We're hoping that by approaching the subject of control and regulation in computer games from the micro level through to the macro level we can achieve a more complex understanding of how control in this medium works and what kinds of interventions – at a legal or government level – are appropriate or inappropriate.

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