On Cyberproperty

cyberspace, property, virtual worlds, participant rights Proprietors of virtual communities sometimes make absolutist claims to sovereignty over the platform and the community. These proprietors tend to resist any public regulation, as they see the platform as 'their' 'property'. Unlike public utilities, most platforms do not receive Government funding or enjoy legislated monopolies, and therefore, the[…]

Mozelle Thompson on Governance

governance, public, private, End User Licence Agreements, participant rights, contract, property, facebook Photo: Andrew Feinberg, CC BY 2.0. Last week, I had the opportunity to talk to Mozelle Thompson at an event organised by QUT IPKCE and the IIA. Mozelle was a US Federal Trade Commissioner, and is now a legal adviser to Facebook. Mozelle[…]

Article: Where the bloody hell does parody fit in Australian Copyright Law?

(Image from Downwind Media.) My article on parody has recently been published by the Media & Arts Law Review. You can get it here: Nicolas Suzor, 'Where the bloody hell does parody fit in Australian copyright law?' (2008) 13(2) MALR 218. With many thanks to the MALR and Lexis Nexis publishing, it is available under[…]

IIA Australian ISPs will not forward copyright enforcement letters

copyright, privacy, isp, secondary liability, safe harbours, authorisation, afact, iia There is always a danger when intermediaries are pressured to act in the interests of copyright owners. There is little oversight, large risks to privacy, and little incentive to refuse in the interests of subscribers. Pressure on intermediaries really alters the copyright balance, making it[…]