Layered Tech review – terrible customer service

I previously hosted my websites on a dedicated server at Layered Technologies. After they recently almost doubled prices on me, charging premium prices for outdated hardware, I decided to cancel. I've been with them for three years. Support was generally OK, but communication from the accounts team has been consistently awful. Minor things like trying to get a credit card updated seemed to be major administrative nightmares.

What has really angered me is that they completely refuse to issue pro-rata refunds. Apparently, buried in the fine print somewhere on the website, is a notice that you must cancel your account two days before the next billing period in order to avoid being charged for the whole of the billing period. This is inflexible, and they have been unwilling to discuss it.

I canceled on the first day of my billing period, and they promptly took the server offline, but have threatened me with the prospect of debt collectors: “Since your request was not received on time, the invoice generated on December 6, 2008 will remain due on your account and will be sent to collections if unpaid.”

So it turns out that I'm now paying for a whole month of service, but they have already canceled my server.

This is the last incident in a long string of unfriendly and unhelpful service from Layered Tech, and I could not recommend their services to anybody.