Evidence to the Senate Committee on the National Broadband Network

nbn, national broadband network, senate, efa Last week Dale Clapperton and myself gave evidence to the Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network. EFA had previously provided a written submission to the Senate, voicing concerns about the increased cost to users and the potential anti-competitive effects of the proposal. We noted that the NBN[…]

AFACT v iiNet copyright infringement suit

Not really pirates. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is one of Disney's films at the centre of the law suit. Image © Disney. As you may have heard, the movie industry has sued iiNet for copyright infringement. iiNet have responded that they will 'vigourously defend' the case. EFA released a press release here.[…]

SA Attorney-General Michael Atkinson on Stateline

r18, games, r18games, censorship [ Reposted from http://r18games.com ] The Escapist has a good story on a recent Stateline story on "the power play over video games". MICHAEL ATKINSON: I'm sure most people can distinguish the fantasy of a computer game from the reality. But it is the small number we know can't that leads[…]

R18+ for Games discussion paper to be released

r18, games, censorship, r18games [ Reposted from http://r18games.com/. ] Jason Hill at The Age Blogs is reporting that the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG), at a meeting in Brisbane yesterday, agreed to release the discussion paper about the proposed introduction of an R18+ category for games in Australia. This is good news. Australian gamers will[…]

GFDL v1.3 released; wikipedia can relicense, should hurry

In December 2007, the Wikimedia Foundation passed a resolution requesting that the Free Software Foundation modify the terms of the GFDL so that it could relicense to Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (US) licence. The FSF released version 1.3 of the GFDL on 03 November 2008. This is pretty big news. Wikipedia was founded before the[…]

Australian Universities to charge student fees again

vsu, student unions, universities Various sources are reporting1) that Australian Federal Youth Minister, Kate Ellis, plans to allow universities to charge students up to $250 per annum for student services. Interestingly, the money will apparently not go directly to unions – meaning that this is not a rollback of Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU). Universities will[…]