SA Attorney-General Michael Atkinson on Stateline

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The Escapist has a good story on a recent Stateline story on "the power play over video games".

MICHAEL ATKINSON: I'm sure most people can distinguish the fantasy of a computer game from the reality. But it is the small number we know can't that leads to mass-murder in American high schools and in Thailand, last year led to a gamer playing out the fantasy of hijacking a taxi-cab and murdering the driver. It happened.
MICHAEL ATKINSON: I think the Western industrialised countries that allow R 18 plus computer games and the extreme violence that goes with them are just so many […] swine going over the cliff and I'm pleased that Australia has a principled, sensible stand against this extreme violence. I'm happy for Australia to stand alone and international gamers can laugh at us all they like.
MICHAEL ATKINSON: Some gamers have suggested I should be eliminated as an attorney general whatever that means but were I eliminated I'm sure there's other Australian attorneys general who would step forward and veto R 18 plus computer games.

You can watch the story on YouTube: No R18+ Gaming Classification in Australia