MDY v Blizzard

mdy, blizzard, glider, wow, copyright, norms, rules, enforcement, damages MDY v Blizzard provides one of the hard questions through which I'm framing my thesis. This case concerns how internal rules are going to be able to be enforced in virtual communities, and to what extent copyright is the appropriate vehicle for their enforcement. Virtually Blind[…]

New Matilda – The Tangled Web filtering forum

censorship, forum, events, tangled web, new matilda Last night I had the opportunity to speak at a forum organised by New Matilda, "The Tangled Web: Beyond an Internet Filter". Many thanks to Rachel Maher and Rod McGuinness from New Matilda for organising the forum. The presentations by Peter Black, Senator Scott Ludlam, and Irene Graham[…]

Article: On the (partially-)inalienable rights of participants in virtual communities

publication, article, MIA, media international australia, , games, human rights, participant rights, property, virtual worlds, inalienable, contract My most recent article has now been published. Unfortunately, MIA's policy is set to change to allow online access as of the next issue. For now, here's the post-print: Nicolas Suzor, "On the (partially-)inalienable rights of participants in[…]

Julie E Cohen free public lecture

Kylie is reporting that QUT will be hosting a free public lecture by Professor Julie E. Cohen on Monday 25 May 2009. Topic: Copyright and Creativity Date: Monday 25 May 2009 Time: 5.00pm-6.30pm Location: Gibson Room (Room Z1064), Level 10, Z Block of QUT's Gardenspoint Campus (map). RSVP: RSVPs are required by 30 April 2009[…]

Criminal sanctions for distributing the (ACMA?) blacklist

acma, blacklist, criminal, sanctions, censorship, nocleanfeed, Conroy In a statement yesterday, Senator Conroy threatened Australians who were caught distributing the leaked blacklist with criminal prosecution: “ACMA is investigating this matter and is considering a range of possible actions it may take including referral to the Australian Federal Police. Any Australian involved in making this content[…]

(fake?) ACMA Blacklist leaked; citizens threatened with prosecution

acma, blacklist, censorship, nocleanfeed, efa, conroy, mandatory filtering (Image uploaded by Wild to OCAU) So it appears that the ACMA blacklist has been leaked (scoop by Asher Moses and Wikileaks). This is the secret list of sites that have been deemed to be prohibited by the communications regulator, and are slated to be blocked by[…]

New Matilda – The Tangled Web filtering forum

censorship, forum, events, tangled web, new matilda Next week I will be speaking at a forum organised by New Matilda, "The Tangled Web: Beyond an Internet Filter". The abstract reads: The Federal Government's proposal to block internet sites with a mandatory filter has drawn overwhelming opposition from voices across politics and civil society. So what[…]

EU Parliament votes for greater ACTA transparency

acta, copyright, democracy, eu, secrecy Michael Geist is reporting that ”[t]he European Parliament has voted for a proposal to bring more transparency and public access to documents. The resolution includes specific language about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.” Acting in accordance with Article 255(1) of the EC Treaty, the European Commission should immediately make all documents[…]

NSW Premier on open access to timetables

copyright, originality, transit sydney Image from Trainview. Last week I wrote that RailCorp had threatened the makers of an iPhone app that shows public transit timetables with copyright infringement. Asher Moses reported on Monday that NSW Premier Nathan Rees has "indicated he would override RailCorp's decision and force the bureaucracy to meet the mobile software[…]

Originality and Transit Sydney: Australia’s low standard of originality claims another victim

copyright, originality, transit sydney, fair use, icetv, dms v telstra, subsistence Asher Moses is reporting today that RailCorp have threatened to sue the developer of Transit Sydney for infringing copyright in their public transport timetables. Transit Sydney is an iPhone app, sold through the store for $2.49 ('just to cover costs'). It provides a display[…]