Mandatory filtering update simulations and symposiums

EFA Site Blocker simulation screenshot

Despite the best efforts of ourselves and others, reports are still coming in that the mandatory filtering plan has now been 'scuttled', and twitter (and I'm sure many other social media outlets) is still on fire with the celebratory news. Here's an update of some of the things that people have been doing to continue the opposition to Labor's mandatory filtering proposal:

  • EFA has launched, which shows a facetious look at what the mandatory filter may look like. See a demonstration here, or go to the siteblocker site to create your own customised blocked site.
  • I'll be speaking at a forum on filtering in Brisbane on 26 March. Details have not been released yet, but the organiser plans to run similar forums in March in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Stay tuned for details.
  • The Digital Liberty Coalition is organising a March in March, a public protest against mandatory filtering in Canberra at 1pm on 21 March. If you can get there, I recommend you make the effort to turn up and make yourself heard.
  • EFA is producing a set of fact sheets for politicians about the mandatory filtering proposal. This is something that we could use some help with. Being a volunteer organisation, we often struggle to find the time to do what needs to be done. So I've created a wiki to reach out for help from the public in our campaigns. If you think you can help with writing (or even fact and copy checking) some high quality fact sheets, please help us out.