Australia opposes treaty to enhance access of blind people to copyright material

[ Reposted from EFA site ] Cory Doctorow is reporting that Australia is part of a group of countries that are opposing a treaty that would ensure that people with a print disability have greater access to published copyright material. The draft treaty (MS Doc; Google cache here) includes several important clauses, including: an exception[…] receives cease and desist from AFL

[ Reposted from the EFA site. ], an AFL commentary blog run by some university students in Melbourne, has received a Cease & Desist letter from the AFL. The AFL allege that the blog infringes their intellectual property rights – both the trademarks and the copyright in the AFL and team logos and names.[…]

EFA receives link deletion notice

[ Reposted from the EFA site. ] Today EFA's hosting provider received a Final Link Deletion Notice from ACMA, requiring us to remove a link to a page that contains images of aborted foetuses from our website. We have complied with this notice because it exposes our host to fines of up to $11,000 per[…]