ZDNet Twisted Wire interview

This week I was interviewed by Phil Dobbie for ZDNet's Twisted Wire program. Also interviewed were Peter Coroneos from the Internet Industry Association and Adrianne Pecotic from AFACT. You can listen to the podcast (direct link (mp3)). One thing I found disturbing about this interview was AFACT's suggestion that the law was clear and that Read more about ZDNet Twisted Wire interview[…]

Kylie and a blue / red wall

This one we took in Teneriffe; there’s a great big blue wall at Kennards Self Storage. I think it’s my favourite photo I’ve taken yet. Kylie looks fantastic, and the colours are great. There’s a bit of a bright highlight on the right hand side which detracts slightly from K, but I’m otherwise happy with Read more about Kylie and a blue / red wall[…]

Review: Leipzig Games Convention Online 2009

Executive summary: underwhelming. The exhibition halls were a bit disappointing. Things were very quiet, not that many people, nto that many interesting exhibits. Lots of people chilling out on couches and beaches throughout the space. The biggest crowd I saw was a small grandstand full of people watching someone on stage play WoW – I Read more about Review: Leipzig Games Convention Online 2009[…]

Review Toshiba NB200 netbook

exec sum: slow. wireless antenna is relatively poor. I have borrowed a Toshiba NB200 netbook for my recent trip to Germany. My conclusions based upon a few solid days of conference use: battery life: 6 hours. size, weight: fairly good. screen: a little too reflective, but quite good. keyboard: fine once I got used to Read more about Review Toshiba NB200 netbook[…]

Malte Ziewitz, OII – ‘order without law’

Malte Ziewitz started from the proposition that Barlow was at least partially right: there is widespread agreement that the regulatory capacity of law is seriously constrained in cyberspace. Limits of legal regulation include costly or impossible enforcement; jurisdictional problems; fast change and outdated rules; a serious knowledge gap; value clashes; and unintended consequences or regulation. Read more about Malte Ziewitz, OII – ‘order without law’[…]

Presentation – Leipzig GCO2009: Gods, Democracies, and Dictators: roles and rights of virtual …

Today I'm presenting at the Leipzig Games Convention Online on governance, legitimacy, and the rule of law. My slides: MS PPT Adobe PDF OpenOffice ODP gco, games convention online, leipzig, presentation, rule of law