Review: Leipzig Games Convention Online 2009

Executive summary: underwhelming.

Empty halls at the Leipzig Games Convention Online 2009

The exhibition halls were a bit disappointing. Things were very quiet, not that many people, nto that many interesting exhibits.

Lots of people chilling out on couches and beaches throughout the space. The biggest crowd I saw was a small grandstand full of people watching someone on stage play WoW – I couldn't quite figure out what was going on.

It's a bit sad to see the industry split like this – and you have to feel a bit bad for Leipzig now that the biggest part has gone to Cologne.

The conference was interesting, on the other hand. It was a bit of a strange mix of academics and industry reps, which made if quite difficult to work out how to pitch the presentations. There were also substantially less people attending that everyone expected. I met some good people, though, and there's some great work being done by some of the academics over here.