Arthroscopic labral repair

Last week I had my shoulder reconstructed arthroscopically. I have dislocated my shoulder playing sports about a dozen times over the last 10 years. After finally decided to get an MRI, the orthopaedic surgeon told me I had a Bankart lesion and a Hills-Sachs lesion. I underwent an arthroscopic labral repair on Monday 20 February. The surgeon put in some metal anchors and reattached the labrum ligament to the scapula.

The operation went extremely well. I was somewhat concerned by the amount of complaints forums around the web by people who were in an extreme amount of pain after a similar operation. Apart from a small amount of pain after the surgery, I have been in virtually no pain all week. I have been taking paracetamol and sometimes some codeine; nothing more serious. The arthroscopic cuts are tiny and seen to be healing well. And in a large link to 6 weeks. For at least the first two weeks. I am not allowed to remove the sling at all; I have to put my shirt on over the sling. Due perhaps to the number of times I dislocated my shoulder my labrum is quite brittle; the surgeon advised me to take extra care to ensure I do not dislodge the anchors while healing.

My surgery was at Brisbane Private Hospital, my surgeon was Dr David Gilpin and my anaesthetist was Dr Craig Johnston. I cannot stress enough how excellent these doctors were. I am absolutely amazed at the lack of pain. Both doctors are clearly extremely experienced and did a fantastic job of making me comfortable before the operation with their relaxed and confident manner. for anyone undergoing a similar procedure, I really recommend them both:

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