Submission to the Australian Inquiry into IT Pricing

Paula Dootson and I have written a submission to the Inquiry into IT Pricing (#FairIT4Oz). The submission draws on Paula’s research into consumer behaviour. We argue that: The strategies of price discrimination engaged in by a number of international publishers, coupled with a lack of competition and restrictions on the ability of consumers to engage[…]

Santa Clara Internet Law WIP; Creative Commons; 5 Minutes of Fame

Over the last week, I’ve given three talks about my research project. You can get the slides for each here: Santa Clara Internet Law Works in Progress: Collective Action models in OA publishing; Creative Commons Lunch & Learn: Collective action in Copyright; Noisebridge 5 Minutes of Fame: Copyright reform and copyright hacks


Commons-based models of cultural production

How do communities come together to produce free and open cultural works? Copyright law is going through a crisis of legitimacy. It doesn’t reward creators in any fair way: less than 1% of artists make a lot of money, and artists make much less on average than any other category of workers. It also doesn’t[…]

‘Creativity and transformative use’, Presentation at ADA Forum, 01 March 2013

Today I gave a talk at the Australian Digital Alliance annual forum: ‘Creativity and transformative use. My topic was copyright exceptions as they relate to creative reuse. If we accept that creativity is ordinary and iterative (borrowing, copying, reusing is how we learn and communicate), then a transformative use exception is primarily an exercise in[…]

‘Social media and user-generated content’, Presentation to UNSW Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre workshop on copyright exceptions, Feb 2013

Yesterday I gave a talk at the UNSW Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre workshop on copyright exceptions. I spoke about ‘user-generated content’ and the Canadian exception in s 29.21. My main point is that the provision straddles two views of copyright’s purpose – the utilitarian concern with preventing harm to the market of the work,[…]