Social norms and licence choice: What motivates free software developers to choose between copyleft and permissive licences?

Free software licences can be divided into two broad categories: copyleft licences (like the GPL), which require derivatives of the software to be licensed under the same terms; and permissive licences (like the MIT/X11 licence), which allow the software to be reused in any project, even closed-source projects. There are variations, of course – the[…]

ACIPA seminar: Matthew Hall, 3D printing: the IP challenges

At the ACIPA seminar series tonight: Hall, a partner at Swaab Attorneys, spoke about the challenges that industry and rightsholders will face – even if they do not yet realise it – around 3D printing and scanning technology. Hall asks: how can incumbents react, and how should they? Hall argues that existing IP laws are[…]