Ben Mathews on female genital mutilation (QUT research seminar series)

Today, at QUT Law School research seminar series, Ben Mathews made the argument that female genital mutilation is more than just a human rights issue, it’s more than just a public health issue. What it’s really about is women’s place in that society. Mathews Started this research as a result of a proposal in 2006 Read more about Ben Mathews on female genital mutilation (QUT research seminar series)[…]

Using a VPN to access Netflix: is it legal?

Many Australians want access to content that is not available in Australia. Some choose to download that content from filesharing networks; others pay for a VPN so that they can pretend to be in the US, in order to pay sites like Netflix for access. I was recently asked whether this was legal. Well, it turns out that the situation is a bit complex. The short answer is that it might technically be an infringement of copyright under Australian law, and there is a small possibility that it might be a crime under Australian law as well. Most of the liability, however, rests with the owner of the foreign content platform (i.e., Netflix), and there is always a risk that if they were sued, they might seek to recover damages from their users. More detail over the fold.

Crowdfunding the commons

Cross-posted from the CC Blog. What do Amanda Palmer, a book on storytelling in Africa, and particle physics have in common? That’s what I’d like to find out. I have just spent two weeks in the Creative Commons offices in Silicon Valley, kicking off a research project that seeks to understand the role of voluntary Read more about Crowdfunding the commons[…]