Rowena Maguire on the responsibilities of emerging economies to reduce emmisions

In today’s QUT Law research seminars, Dr Rowena Maguire examines the shifting global politics around climate change and the emerging power of the BASIC nations. In order to tackle climate change and limit warming to 2 degrees, a global coordinated approach is required. The basic question in international discussions is whether emerging economies should bear[…]

QUT research seminar: Andrew Garwood-Gowers on The Responsibility to Protect and the Arab Spring

The responsibility to protect is a concept that spans international law and international relations. In basic terms, it’s a political concept that has developed over the last decade or so that seeks to respond to mass crimes. Previously, the concept of sovereignty had shielded governments from outside intervention. As a response to genocide in Rwanda[…]

Writing ARC grant applications – top tips

Today I attended a session at QUT on grantwriting for ARC competitive grants in the humanities. Here’s the list, and some more detail over the fold: Do research on what gets funded – what successful projects have been funded before? Check research priorities; how does your research fit? Start early. Clarity and simplicity are the[…]