QUT launches new Digital Media Research Centre

Exciting news! I am absolutely delighted to announce the launch of our new Digital Media Research Centre. I’m privileged to be a Chief Investigator along with a great group of leading media scholars. I’ll be leading a program of research on the regulation and governance of networked society.

In Brian McNair’s words:

Queensland University of Technology announces the launch of a Digital Media Research Centre, dedicated to studying the implications of digital transition across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, from journalism and entertainment to government. Its remit will extend from news and politics to crisis management, mobile dating apps and the challenges facing the Australian film and TV industry in a digital environment. Its aim will be to produce new, useful knowledge about the digital media that both informs and guides policy makers, publics and stakeholders in the creative and culture industries as they negotiate this complex, turbulent environment.

If you like, you can read the full media release here.