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Andrew Stewart, ‘Uber and Out? Regulating Work in the Gig Economy’

We hosted Prof Andrew Stewart to talk about crowd working in the gig economy. The new forms of work are not entirely new, nor are they entirely negative in their implications for workers. But they do shake up social structures and relationships of work, and this has important ramifications. In these systems, workers bear a[…]


GOMA Talks: The New Feminist Frontier

I really enjoyed talking about feminism, online abuse, and regulation at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art recently. You can watch the video below. We were told that new technology would unshackle women from the domestic duties of the home, and yet in the 21st century women’s experience of online and social media is one of[…]

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Jeremy Shtern: ‘Better than Random: The chance for democratic governance of the advertising supported internet’

Yesterday at the DMRC, we hosted Jeremy Shtern, directory of the Global Communication Governance Lab. Shtern argues that advertising supported social media business models drive the evolution of internet architecture, but that we have not sufficiently thought about advertising in the context of infrastructure and governance debates. Advertising strategies are shifting away from paid advertising.[…]


Law lecturer and researcher awarded 2016 QUT David Gardiner Teacher of the Year

From QUT News: Associate Professor Nicolas Suzor, Law and Digital Media Researcher, is the 2016 winner of the esteemed QUT David Gardiner Teacher of the Year Award. The QUT Teacher of the Year Award recognises excellence in creating engaging classrooms and a sustained positive impact on students’ learning. The late Professor David Gardiner AM, former[…]

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