Digital Rights Watch: A new voice in Australian civil society

I am pleased to announce that we have officially launched Digital Rights Watch, a new advocacy organisation to protect the human rights of Australian internet users. I am the Deputy Chair of this new non-profit. We have a great Board of Directors, and I am really looking forward to working with our extensive networks of[…]


Interview with Eric Hellman, founder of Unglue.it

Unglue.it is a crowdfunding platform that allows users (‘ungluers’) to contribute to the costs of publishing open access books. So far, the site has ‘unglued’ three books. The most influential of these is Ruth Finegan’s “Oral Literature in Africa“, a classic research monograph first published in 1970, which has had significant scholarly impact. The other[…]


Commonly.cc – ransoming art and music into the public domain

I recently spoke with Nick Liow, the founder of commonly.cc, a fascinating project which aims to provide a general crowdfunding platform to release art and music into the public domain (CC0). In its first trial two weeks ago, Commonly.cc raised $1000 in just a few days to release a bundle of game art assets. This[…]


Commons-based models of cultural production

How do communities come together to produce free and open cultural works? Copyright law is going through a crisis of legitimacy. It doesn’t reward creators in any fair way: less than 1% of artists make a lot of money, and artists make much less on average than any other category of workers. It also doesn’t[…]