Ninth Circuit reverses MDY v Blizzard (WoW Glider) on Copyright grounds (not DMCA)

The 9th Circuit has reversed the MDY v Blizzard (WoW Glider) case on the secondary copyright infringement grounds (but not one of the DMCA claims). This is important; the district court had held that players infringe Blizzard’s copyright in WoW by playing the game in breach of the rules, primarily because the prohibition on botting[…]

Digital Interactive Symposium: Edinburgh – games and media law

I’m in Edinburgh to present at DIS:E run by Ren Reynolds and AndrĂ©s Guadamuz. My talk is on, predictably enough, the rule of law and legitimacy in virtual community governance. Particularly, I want to focus on two main ways that we can look at things differently: looking at the limits of contract rather than only[…]

Interview on R18+ games on 4ZzZ’s ZedGames

Last month, I was interviewed by 4ZzZ’s Zed Games show on the introduction of an R18+ rating in Australia. The show also includes an interview with Gamers 4 Croydon. You can grab the mp3 here: 20100218-ZedGames-R18-EFA-G4C. Thanks a lot to Ray and Chani for having me on the show. It’s great to see a gaming[…]