ARC DECRA project: Regulating internet content through notice-and-takedown

This ARC DECRA fellowship seeks to understand how internet content is moderated and policed across copyright, defamation, and abusive speech (particularly racial and gendered hate speech). It seeks to develop systems to protect the due process and free speech rights of individuals from illegitimate takedown requests, while better protecting people from abuse and harm.


Digital Rights Watch: A new voice in Australian civil society

I am pleased to announce that we have officially launched Digital Rights Watch, a new advocacy organisation to protect the human rights of Australian internet users. I am the Deputy Chair of this new non-profit. We have a great Board of Directors, and I am really looking forward to working with our extensive networks of[…]

Jean Burgess leads the DMRC

QUT launches new Digital Media Research Centre

Exciting news! I am absolutely delighted to announce the launch of our new Digital Media Research Centre. I’m privileged to be a Chief Investigator along with a great group of leading media scholars. I’ll be leading a program of research on the regulation and governance of networked society. In Brian McNair’s words: Queensland University of[…]

Writing ARC grant applications – top tips

Today I attended a session at QUT on grantwriting for ARC competitive grants in the humanities. Here’s the list, and some more detail over the fold: Do research on what gets funded – what successful projects have been funded before? Check research priorities; how does your research fit? Start early. Clarity and simplicity are the[…]