Order supported by law: the enforcement of norms in virtual communities

The published version of my article on the enforcement of norms in virtual communities is now available here. As online social spaces continue to grow in importance, the complex relationship between users and the private providers of the platforms continues to raise increasingly difficult questions about legitimacy in online governance. This article examines two issues[…]

The role of the rule of law in virtual communities

This article comes from a core chapter of my PhD and will be published in the Berkeley Technology Law Journal. You can view the pre-print here: The Role of the Rule of Law in Virtual Communities (forthcoming BTLJ 2011) (PDF). There is a severe tendency in cyberlaw theory to delegitimize state intervention in the governance[…]

Ninth Circuit reverses MDY v Blizzard (WoW Glider) on Copyright grounds (not DMCA)

The 9th Circuit has reversed the MDY v Blizzard (WoW Glider) case on the secondary copyright infringement grounds (but not one of the DMCA claims). This is important; the district court had held that players infringe Blizzard’s copyright in WoW by playing the game in breach of the rules, primarily because the prohibition on botting[…]

Digital Interactive Symposium: Edinburgh – games and media law

I’m in Edinburgh to present at DIS:E run by Ren Reynolds and Andrés Guadamuz. My talk is on, predictably enough, the rule of law and legitimacy in virtual community governance. Particularly, I want to focus on two main ways that we can look at things differently: looking at the limits of contract rather than only[…]

PhD thesis: digital constitutionalism and the role of the rule of law in the governance of virtual communities

How should we regulate the exercise of private governance power in virtual communities? This thesis provides a normative framework based upon the broad ideals of the rule of law through which to conceptualise the tensions about governance that arise in virtual communities.

PhD final seminar: Digital Constitutionalism and the Role of the Rule of Law in the Governance of Virtual Communities

[edit: now with more slides! PDF (3MB) ODP (5MB)] My final seminar for my PhD is this Tuesday. All are welcome; let me know if you’re interested in coming along! Date: Tuesday 16 February 2010 Time: 11:00am -12:00pm Venue: Z Block Room 1124, QUT Gardens Point campus Panel Chairperson/Principal Supervisor: Prof Brian Fitzgerald, Faculty of Law[…]