Authors Guild v Hathi Trust: do accessible repositories harm copyright owners?

You may have seen the most recent development in the Google Books litigation: Authors Guild v Hathi Trust. There’s plenty of commentary around, including from the EFF here (full judgment). One of the interesting points to come out of the case is Judge Baer’s finding that creating accessible digital repositories, in order to give access[…]

EFA Submission to DBCDE Future Directions paper

accessibility, Copyright, Posts related to Creative Commons, dbcde, Digital Economy, ICT, training, open access, public sector information, submission Today I finished EFA's submission (PDF) to the Department of Broadband, Communication and Digital Economy‚Äôs Future Directions review. The submission tackles a number of important issues for the digital economy, including open access to public sector information,[…]

Article Digital copyright and disability discrimination

copyright, anti-circumvention, accessibility, disability, print disability In Australia, blind people are able to access texts in braille and books ontape, but the demand for these media is decreasing. Blind people today areincreasingly reliant on texts in electronic form, and these are much lessreadily available in Australia. Electronic texts are more portable and lesscumbersome than large[…]