LCA2009 Reverse engineering, anti-circumvention, and other broken laws

LCA2009, LCA09, copyright, reverse engineering, s 47D, anti circumvention, modchips, foss, free software, drm I am about to run a presentation at 2009 in Hobart. I want to particularly talk about Section 47D of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). Section 47D was a great affirmation of the right to reverse engineer computer programs for[…]

Mr Modchips – criminal circumvention charges reversed in the UK

copyright, anti-circumvention, tpm, modchips In late June a decision came down (which I appear to have missed) in the England and Wales Court of Appeal quashing the conviction of Mr Modchips (aka Neil Higgs) for providing modchips in contravention of the UK anti-circumvention provisions in s.296ZB of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (UK).[…]

Article Digital copyright and disability discrimination

copyright, anti-circumvention, accessibility, disability, print disability In Australia, blind people are able to access texts in braille and books ontape, but the demand for these media is decreasing. Blind people today areincreasingly reliant on texts in electronic form, and these are much lessreadily available in Australia. Electronic texts are more portable and lesscumbersome than large[…]

Videogames, Virtual Environments and the Law – slides

anti-circumvention, copyright, games The seminar went very well last week. Below you can find the slidesets from the presentations. Bjorn Bednarek, Games Classification (8MB PPT) Nic Suzor, Virtual Liberties, (2MB PPT or 2MB ODP) Presentations available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 (Australia).

Will mod-chips be legal in Australia?

games, anti-circumvention In 2005, the Australian High Court ruled that the combination of the boot ROM and region coding in Sony PlayStations and PlayStation games was not a Technological Protection Measure (TPM). Under the old law, a device had to “prevent or inhibit” the infringement of copyright. Because Sony's technology didn't prevent a copy being[…]

The death of consumer liberty

anti-circumvention Imagine that the makers of a board game only allowed you to play it on wet Saturday afternoons. Now imagine that the Australian Government made it illegal to play that game on any other day. If the board game is released on a DVD or another electronic format, the new proposed amendments to Australia's[…]

Blizzard v bnetd – or, why the TPM exceptions should be protected from exclusion by contract

tpm, anti-circumvention, blizzard, bnetd Blizzard make several popular games, including Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft. Online multiplayer in these games is limited to using Blizzard's service. provides a mechanism for users to create and join multi-player games, to meet and chat with other users, and to record statistics and participate in tournaments. functionality[…]