Article: On the (partially-)inalienable rights of participants in virtual communities

publication, article, MIA, media international australia, , games, human rights, participant rights, property, virtual worlds, inalienable, contract My most recent article has now been published. Unfortunately, MIA's policy is set to change to allow online access as of the next issue. For now, here's the post-print: Nicolas Suzor, "On the (partially-)inalienable rights of participants in[…]

Article: Where the bloody hell does parody fit in Australian Copyright Law?

(Image from Downwind Media.) My article on parody has recently been published by the Media & Arts Law Review. You can get it here: Nicolas Suzor, 'Where the bloody hell does parody fit in Australian copyright law?' (2008) 13(2) MALR 218. With many thanks to the MALR and Lexis Nexis publishing, it is available under[…]