Ninth Circuit reverses MDY v Blizzard (WoW Glider) on Copyright grounds (not DMCA)

The 9th Circuit has reversed the MDY v Blizzard (WoW Glider) case on the secondary copyright infringement grounds (but not one of the DMCA claims). This is important; the district court had held that players infringe Blizzard’s copyright in WoW by playing the game in breach of the rules, primarily because the prohibition on botting[…]

MDY v Blizzard

mdy, blizzard, glider, wow, copyright, norms, rules, enforcement, damages MDY v Blizzard provides one of the hard questions through which I'm framing my thesis. This case concerns how internal rules are going to be able to be enforced in virtual communities, and to what extent copyright is the appropriate vehicle for their enforcement. Virtually Blind[…]

Blizzard v bnetd – or, why the TPM exceptions should be protected from exclusion by contract

tpm, anti-circumvention, blizzard, bnetd Blizzard make several popular games, including Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft. Online multiplayer in these games is limited to using Blizzard's service. provides a mechanism for users to create and join multi-player games, to meet and chat with other users, and to record statistics and participate in tournaments. functionality[…]