The statutory licence for cover versions and Creative Commons licensing

copyright, Posts related to Creative Commons, s 55, musical, works, music, covers, record Section 55 of the Copyright Act provides a statutory licence that allows 'manufacturers' to record musical works for retail sale, or for making other records for retail sale. The scheme is remarkably convoluted, and there are a number of restrictions – most[…]

EFA Submission to DBCDE Future Directions paper

accessibility, Copyright, Posts related to Creative Commons, dbcde, Digital Economy, ICT, training, open access, public sector information, submission Today I finished EFA's submission (PDF) to the Department of Broadband, Communication and Digital Economy’s Future Directions review. The submission tackles a number of important issues for the digital economy, including open access to public sector information,[…]

Lessons from CC South Korea on volunteers

Posts related to Creative Commons, south korea, volunteers, ccap09 Last week I was fortunate enough to attend Commons Crossroads, the Creative Commons Asia Pacific 2009 conference organised by Creative Commons Philippines and supported by Arellano law school. The event was fantastic. I learnt a lot about what the other jurisdictions' Creative Commons projects were up[…]