EU Parliament votes for greater ACTA transparency

acta, copyright, democracy, eu, secrecy Michael Geist is reporting that ”[t]he European Parliament has voted for a proposal to bring more transparency and public access to documents. The resolution includes specific language about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.” Acting in accordance with Article 255(1) of the EC Treaty, the European Commission should immediately make all documents[…]

Some thoughts from the campaign

democracy I had a great day campaigning for the Democrats on Saturday. This was my first campaign, and I'm still a bit hoarse from talking all day. I was really impressed with the support that members of all parties had for the Democrats and Andrew Bartlett – I received positive comments and well wishes from[…]

Why I’m voting for the Australian Democrats and Andrew Bartlett in the Senate

democracy Brett Solomon from GetUp! and Andrew Bartlett at the BlogOZ conference we hosted last month. Photo by Felix42 under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. Since obtaining a majority in the Senate, the Howard Government has consistently and irresponsibly acted to turn the Senate from a house of debate into a rubber stamp. Sitting days are lower[…]