Review: Leipzig Games Convention Online 2009

Executive summary: underwhelming. The exhibition halls were a bit disappointing. Things were very quiet, not that many people, nto that many interesting exhibits. Lots of people chilling out on couches and beaches throughout the space. The biggest crowd I saw was a small grandstand full of people watching someone on stage play WoW – I Read more about Review: Leipzig Games Convention Online 2009[…]

Malte Ziewitz, OII – ‘order without law’

Malte Ziewitz started from the proposition that Barlow was at least partially right: there is widespread agreement that the regulatory capacity of law is seriously constrained in cyberspace. Limits of legal regulation include costly or impossible enforcement; jurisdictional problems; fast change and outdated rules; a serious knowledge gap; value clashes; and unintended consequences or regulation. Read more about Malte Ziewitz, OII – ‘order without law’[…]

Presentation – Leipzig GCO2009: Gods, Democracies, and Dictators: roles and rights of virtual …

Today I'm presenting at the Leipzig Games Convention Online on governance, legitimacy, and the rule of law. My slides: MS PPT Adobe PDF OpenOffice ODP gco, games convention online, leipzig, presentation, rule of law

Quandt on effects research

I am at the Leipzig Games Convention Online today and tomorrow. The last speaker, Thorsten Quandt gave an overview of recent research in gaming. Mainly I was interested in what he thought about effects research and violent games – a topic we need to address in Australia with the (hopefully) upcoming review of our lack Read more about Quandt on effects research[…]