Michael Geist: Taking user rights seriously — two weeks that changed copyright

At the Global Congress in Cape Town, Michael Geist reflects on the two weeks that changed copyright in Canada in 2012. Canada went from a maximalist copyright trajectory in 2005 to the global champion of user rights in 2012. Canada’s new legislation includes the most favourable provisions for users across a huge range of issues;[…]

Ruth Okediji: IP rights and the African innovation paradox (Global Congress 2013, Cape Town)

Ruth Okediji makes an argument that we need to resist and avoid consenting and legitimising a system of command and control in IP. Okediji’s starting point is that the essence of the fourth wave of IP geopolitical change is not about harmonisation: it’s about fundamentally de-anchoring IP from the public interest. It’s about a unilateral[…]

Ahmed Abdel-Latif: Change – Global Congress liveblog

Ahmed Abdel-Latif talks about change in IP. We’re interested in IP because we’re interested in change, but we need to think much more strategically about how change comes about. Abdel-Latif argues that change happens when three factors come together: 1 A compelling narrative; 2 The right moment; and 3 Strong networks. Success stories, where we[…]