Intermediary liability: two submissions to AGD Online Copyright Infringement consultation

We’ve just lodged two submissions to the Attorney-General’s Department consultation on Online Copyright Infringement. The first submission is from the QUT IP & Innovation Law research group. This submission gives a good overview of a few important points: Copyright infringement in Australia at the moment should be thought of as predominantly a market problem, and Read more about Intermediary liability: two submissions to AGD Online Copyright Infringement consultation[…]

Brandis’ leaked anti-piracy proposal is unrealistic

Originally posted on The Conversation by Nicolas Suzor and Alex Button-Sloan.

The Australian Government has proposed Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should monitor and punish Australians who download and infringe copyright.

In a discussion paper circulated by Attorney-General George Brandis, and leaked by Crikey last Friday, the government proposes a sweeping change to Australian copyright law that would force ISPs to take steps to prevent Australians from infringing copyright.

What these steps might be is very vague. They could include blocking peer-to-peer traffic, slowing down internet connections, passing on warnings from industry groups, and handing over subscriber details to copyright owners.

The move comes in response to claims that Australians are among the biggest downloaders of films and television series. Under intense pressure from Hollywood and Foxtel, the government wants to do something to combat copyright infringement.

Bridy: “Graduated Response American Style: ‘Six Strikes’ Measured Against Five Norms”

Annemarie Bridy has a pre-print posted last month on SSRN that examines the US ‘six strikes’ private graduated response scheme. The paper is a fascinating read for two reasons: it provides a comprehensive overview of the US six strike ‘Copyright Alert System’ (CAS) system; and it provides a good analysis of the system’s impact on Read more about Bridy: “Graduated Response American Style: ‘Six Strikes’ Measured Against Five Norms”[…]

Copyright enforcement principles

In a recent publication with Ericsson, we call for more principled development of copyright law and, particularly, greater emphasis on creating cheap, easy, and quick legal distribution channels (as opposed to harsher, cheaper, and quicker enforcement mechanisms). Most of this is pretty straightforward – we need more evidence in our policy development. Importantly, however, we Read more about Copyright enforcement principles[…]