Xenophon opposes mandatory ISP filtering, but fight not over yet

nocleanfeed, ISP filtering, xenophon, politics, senate, greens, coalition, minchin, ludlam (Image by liam.jon_d under CC BY SA 2.0). Asher Moses reports that “The Government's plan to introduce mandatory internet censorship has effectively been scuttled, following an independent senator's decision to join the Greens and Opposition in blocking any legislation required to get the scheme started.”[…]

Margaret Jane Radin’s theory of partial inalienability as a model for evaluating interests in …

games, participant rights, politics, property, virtual worlds I am in the process of selecting a theoretical model on which to base my normative analysis. Below, I explain my preliminary attraction to Radin's construction of partial inalienability and the pragmatic method of resolving tensions between conflicting interests. As always, comments are greatly appreciated. Thesis: in choosing[…]

Why vote Australian Democrats in the Senate?

politics There's one week to go before the election. I just want to make two points: We need an independent Senate. It is pure arrogance for a government, any government, to believe it has all the answers and everything right the first time. We need a Senate which is able to review legislation and come[…]

Ruddock: Bill of rights do not protect freedoms

politics In a recent vitriolic editorial, Philip Ruddock tells us that “Bills of rights do not protect freedoms”. Regardless of whether we think an articulated Bill of Rights would be desirable, this piece is an overt attack on the independence and ability of our judiciary. Ruddock argues that: Bills of rights do not protect essential[…]